IT Infrastructure and Support


This is our bread and butter service  and everything else we do is built on this. If you do not have a stable and reliable IT infrastructure to work from, then your going to experience all sorts of problems, remedial fixes and work-rounds. Difficult tasks will be complex and complex tasks will be near impossible.

Our approach is to strip out any unnecessary complexity when it comes to our clients IT setup. It makes the day to day running of your equipment, simpler, more reliable, easier to fix and cheaper to maintain.

We provide our clients with, maintenance, security and business continuity activities for existing  I.T. estate.  (Infrastructure – Network, Servers, Desktops, Software and Applications)

Remote Support, Installations and setup, decommissioning and transitioning, upgrades, PC repairs, training etc.

We provide IT advice and guidance in the form of consultancy and we can drive meaningful change for our customers with our systematic approach to project management.

We also develop a customer IT manual as part of our ethical approach as we go, so that you are ultimately in control of your IT estate, should business changes cause you need to reconfigure your IT support.