Secure IT


With some pretty basic security locks provided by employing a good and sensible approach to username and password management, access to data you own can be managed quite effectively. Providing users with the correct level of permissions means that inappropriate access to data relating to finance or personnel for example can be segregated from general users.  Keeping a secure environment and avoiding malicious attacks on your IT assets can be more problematic and requires a systematic, regular and continual approach to scanning for and removing potentially malicious software. A secure IT environment and good security practices are essential.  I our experience preventing, detecting and removing threats early is the best approach. Prevention is ALWAYS better than the cure!

We know that small and medium sized businesses are so focused on actually running their businesses and the time to scan and check for malicious software can take away precious resources when you are busy. However we do recommend scanning for malicious software at a minimum of once a week on each device and having an active secure firewall on your machines.

If you would prefer to concentrate on running your operations and let someone else look after your IT security, we can provide a monitoring and security service for your individual PCs with a remote support icon on your desktop that allows us to connect directly to any PC or server. We can arrange to do security scanning of equipment outside normal business hours.

Or we could show you how to do it properly and effectively for yourselves.