Business Continuity


Automatically backing up your data and protection from cyber attacks.

We believe that by taking a few simple precautions every business can be protected from data loss resulting from computer crashes or disasters such as fire, flood or theft.

From our own research we were surprised to find that only 18% of small businesses performed any regular backups of data, only 9% stored their backups in a secure off-site location, only 36% scanned for malicious software.

Separate UK Home Office research has shown that 60% of companies that lose their data will go out of business within 6 months of a disaster.

That is why we now provide our customers with our RAMBARS (Remote Automated Managed Backup and Recovery Service) and OOPS (Overwritten Or Possibly Shredded) a self service desktop utility (Free with RAMBARS Pro) to recover inadvertently over written files. – Let’s face it we’ve all done it! Now you can go back in time and recover previous versions of files.

We have two flavours of RAMBARSProfessional: for clients with more than two PC’s or servers in a location and Enterprise: – usually for a client with a single PC. Both are very affordable. (Starting from £10 per month)

RAMBARS – Once this is setup – you can forget about having to manage backups. We take care of that for you plus we actively monitor and test backups daily. On top of that we scan your stored files for malicious software every night. RAMBARS provides a near instantaneous automated local backup of files as they are created and saved by clients on their PCs’ – if a file changes it is automatically stored in a separate backup device in your office (protection against computer crashes), plus files are then immediately stored to our remote file server. (Protection against fire, theft or flood). Please note that the data is not stored on “the cloud” but is stored securely by us.  Your data is transferred via SSL across the internet, is encrypted, mirrored and duplicated to another file server for your piece of mind. Testing of backups is done regularly, checked and signed-off by clients.

Backing up is only half the story. In the event of a disaster we commit to have your data at your premises within one business day.

Because we keep historical versions of your data this protects you from cyber attacks  from bit lockers etc. (As per recent attacks on NHS computers)

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