Consultancy and Business Process Re-engineering


Being a competitive business in today’s dynamic world means change is a constant.

Program management, project management, business process re-engineering and complexity management is where our ethical IT approach allows us to we excel. If you want to drive change in your organisation this is where you need to put the horsepower. Small and medium sized business don’t always have these skills on hand, but we can provide our expertise and experience in this area on a flexible pay as you go basis making it very cost effective.

If you need help to run a special project or program, or are trying to get your arms around a difficult situation, then we have the tools, experience and education to hit the ground running and drive projects through to completion.

Some companies believe that it’s all about technology – it’s not. As we are not a sales led organisation and not affiliated with any IT vendor we are not incentivised to push any particular technology at our clients. We start with defining their goals, understanding business processes and most importantly the needs of the people involved – who, are by far, the biggest single source of complexity in any system. So if you don’t put peoples needs & concerns at the center of any solution, it’s not likely to be very successful.

From understanding the current situation or process, we work out the current baseline. From the business goals we develop an understanding of any gaps. Only then do we start considering possible technological solutions.

At the end of the evaluation phase the client has the final choice. We clearly express a preference and advocate a certain path, but we respect our clients right to choose and give them the relevant information to help them make informed choices.

Too many businesses get forced into thinking about solutions before they have clearly defined the problem, which is most definitely putting the horse before the cart and no amount of horsepower will ever fix that problem.

If our client chooses a particular way forward we offer  project and program management services to deliver the project to the agreed budget, timescale and benefit outcome.

If you have a special project you need help with, get in touch for a FREE no obligation chat.